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  1. The Writer-Lighter
    $1.19 - $0.82
    Min QTY. 500
  2. Rocket Four-Color Pen
    $0.99 - $0.72
    Min QTY. 150
  3. Suspend-A-Pen™ Lanyard
    $1.14 - $0.64
    Min QTY. 250
3 Items

Promotional Multi Function Pens

Get more use out of your writing instruments with custom stylus pens and printed highlighter pens. Multi-functional pens with your logo include branded LED flashlight pens, multi-color ink pens, and more. Combination pens will promote your brand and provide added utility with every use.

“Love using this pen on a daily basis! Very convenient having a pen/highlighter combo!” –Nikki, OH