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  1. International Pencil
    $0.23 - $0.16
    Min QTY. 576
  2. Trade Write Pencil
    $0.20 - $0.14
    Min QTY. 550
  3. Crestwood Pencil Round
    $0.40 - $0.20
    Min QTY. 500
  4. Foil Impact Pencils
    $0.36 - $0.25
    Min QTY. 576
  5. Smilez Mechanical Pencil
    $0.72 - $0.47
    Min QTY. 250
  6. Neon International Pencil
    $0.26 - $0.19
    Min QTY. 576
  7. Chameleon Midnight Pencil
    $0.38 - $0.26
    Min QTY. 500
  8. Recycled Pencil
    $0.29 - $0.17
    Min QTY. 500
  9. Contractor Pencil
    $0.40 - $0.28
    Min QTY. 576
  10. Twice as Nice Pencil
    $0.74 - $0.48
    Min QTY. 500
  11. Bargainer Pencil
    $0.28 - $0.19
    Min QTY. 1000
  12. Orthodox Pencil
    $0.25 - $0.17
    Min QTY. 500
  13. Round Explorer Pencil
    $0.30 - $0.19
    Min QTY. 500
  14. Glow-Lite Pencil
    $0.44 - $0.30
    Min QTY. 1000
  15. Handyman's Carpenter Pencil
    $3.63 - $2.49
    Min QTY. 500
  16. Glow-Lite Pencil-2 Day Service
    $0.49 - $0.40
    Min QTY. 1000
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Custom Personalized Pencils

Make a statement with useful custom pencils printed with your company or school logo. Personalized No. 2 pencils are great giveaways for college students and school-aged kids. Golf pencils, mechanical pencils, and carpenter pencils can be printed with your brand for use in the office or at trade shows for an affordable price.

Promotional pencils are perfect for business colleagues, associates, teachers and more. Pencils are in every office, home, and in student's desks. By imprinting your logo or message on promotional pencils, you are promoting your brand with a functional, budget friendly product made fun with Crestline's variety of designs and styles. With attractive styling and pricing, you will not be disappointed.

Your custom imprinted pencils are sure to please because Crestline carries a wide variety of designs ranging from traditional to contemporary. For example, make a bold statement with a popular mood pencil. It changes from one bright color to another when touched and can be imprinted specially for your group. For a less standard look, be sure to check out the iridescent foil wrapped, neon and oversized options. Fun scented pencils come in berry, chocolate and root beer varieties. Make sure to check out favorites, including the International Pencil and the Chameleon Pencil. For personalized pencils that showcase function, mechanical pencils make sleek options. Plus, pencils make perfect companion giveaways to custom memo pads, logo advertising pens and customized plastic bags.

From quirky promotional pencils to recycled pencils made with post-consumer paper, Crestline works hard to ensure your unique promotional items make an impact. When you view all of Crestline's imprinted pencils, you will no longer classify promotional pencils as boring!

“Kids go nuts over these pencils!” –Brandy, GA