Adhesive Notes + Notepads

13 Items
  1. Sticky-Note Book
    $1.89 - $1.37
    Min QTY. 50
  2. Magnetic List Pad
    $1.32 - $0.90
    Min QTY. 250
  3. Recycled Post-it® Pads 25 Sheets
    $0.75 - $0.29
    Min QTY. 500
  4. Hospital Scrubs Sticky Book
    $2.99 - $2.05
    Min QTY. 50
  5. Deluxe Sticky Notebook Set
    $4.38 - $3.00
    Min QTY. 100
  6. Post-It® Custom Note Shapes - Puzzle- 50 Sheet
  7. Post-It® Custom Note Shapes- Puzzle- 25 Sheet
  8. Post-it® Big Pads- 8X8
    $3.68 - $2.52
    Min QTY. 50
  9. Bic® 3X3 Adhesive Colored Notepad - 50 Sheet
  10. BIC® Grip Roller® & 25 Sheet Notepad
    $2.87 - $1.97
    Min QTY. 500
  11. Legion Organize Jotter
    $2.49 - $1.71
    Min QTY. 75
  12. Healthcare Professionals Sticky Notes
    $2.24 - $1.54
    Min QTY. 200
  13. Rustic Notebook Set
    $3.44 - $2.36
    Min QTY. 100
13 Items

Custom Post-It™ Notes & Promotional Notepads

Make your brand stick with custom sticky notes from Crestline! Our wide selection of custom sticky notes and promotional notebooks are must have items for home, school and work. These items will reinforce your message with the turn of each page. Pre-printed memo pads and imprinted sticky flags are office essentials that can support your marketing efforts. Custom printed sticky pads of paper and scratch pad cubes are available in die cut shapes like heart, key and puzzle piece, with lines, and in neon colors like yellow, orange, and green.

Notepads and custom sticky notes are some of the most popular office products in the industry. Memo pads offer a large area for printing keeping your company logo in view while leaving plenty of writing space. Available in adhesive and non-adhesive formats, custom notes are great for tradeshows, conventions, training sessions, school related events, and office giveaways. Sticky notes can be used as reminders or for jotting down notes from a lecture. New organizational sticky notes help you plan your week by blocking out each day with a different color. Design yours now!

“Post-it is a great brand! They are useful, affordable and durable. It was exactly what we needed.” –Mallory, AR