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  1. EZ-Click Auto-Open Umbrella
    $8.99 - $6.50 $8.02 - $5.99
    Min QTY. 36
  2. Bantam Foldaway Umbrella
    $6.27 - $4.50
    Min QTY. 24
  3. EZ Click Clear Panel Umbrella
    $11.98 - $8.22
    Min QTY. 36
  4. Mini Umbrella
    $10.40 - $7.13
    Min QTY. 36
4 Items

Custom Golf Umbrellas & Promotional Beach Umbrellas

Branded Corporate Umbrellas

Customized umbrellas provide easy protection from the rain and sun. Branded umbrellas can be used for marketing your business at colleges, sports events, and corporate gatherings. Umbrellas that fold upward instead of down push rain up and away from commuters instead of dousing them when they close their umbrellas at work. Imprinted small bubble umbrellas are convenient to keep in the office, car or at home to keep you protected when bad weather strikes. Choose the color scheme that best suits your company, and the size or style of umbrella your recipients would most enjoy.

Promotional Golf Umbrellas

Large golf umbrellas embroidered with your team or company name can be used to shield you from the sun or rain on the course. Golf umbrellas tend to be larger and are often metal-free to reduce the risk of lightning strikes. Whether you are golfing with friends or potential clients, an imprinted golf umbrella adds polish and helps you make the most of rainy day play. Crestline even has a special promotional golf umbrella to keep the bag of clubs dry!

Team Logo Umbrellas

In the stands at the ball game, custom imprinted umbrellas will let the other fans see your company’s logo. Use personalized umbrellas as fundraisers to project your team spirit. Make sure to check out favorites, including the EZ-Click Auto Open Umbrella and the Vented Umbrella. There are sports umbrellas with a clear window so you don’t miss any of the action on the field!

“The umbrellas are going to be used as a holiday gift and the remainders will be given out at speaking engagements. They are top quality and beautifully produced.” –Marsha, NY