Plastic Bags

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  1. 9 1/2" x 14" Practical Plastic Bag
    $1.21 - $0.29
    Min QTY. 150
  2. 15" x 18" x 4" Frosty Die Cut Bag
    $1.40 - $0.33
    Min QTY. 150
  3. 12" x 15" x 3" Frosty Die Cut Bag
    $1.34 - $0.28
    Min QTY. 150
  4. 9 1/2" x 14" Frosty Die Cut Bag
    $1.25 - $0.26
    Min QTY. 150
  5. 12" x 15" x 3" Clear Plastic Bag Draw-Tape Handles
  6. 12" x 12" x 6" Clear Plastic Bag - Soft Loop Handle
  7. 12" x 12" x 6" Clear Plastic Bag - Die Cut Zip Close Handle
  8. 9" x 12" Handi-Bags
    $1.23 - $0.28
    Min QTY. 150
  9. 12" x 16" Full Color Plastic Bags with Die-Cut Handles
  10. 9" x 13" Full Color Plastic Bags with Die-Cut Handles
  11. 7" x 9" Full Color Plastic Bags with Die-Cut Handles
11 Items

Custom Printed Promotional Plastic Bags - Create Your Own

Choose from hundreds of ideas in Crestline’s free clip art collection to create crisp, bold, unique designs that stand out far more than plain plastic bags. Then, pick out a great bag to create your perfect look: with handles, die-cut styles, bright and shiny, or frosted colors, all in a range of sizes! Consider personalized plastic bags in a variety of options including USA made and eco-friendly like our top-selling 9" x 12" Biodegradable Plastic Bag. Whichever style you choose, most customized plastic bags have large imprint areas as well as the ability to imprint on both sides of the bag, so you can maximize your message.

Custom plastic bags help you share your brand with a larger crowd. Bags and totes are the number one promotional product in terms of average impressions. They’re used (and seen) 5.8 times per month. That's a lot of repeat exposure! They are perfect for use as swag bags or holding small trade show and conference giveaways, retail store purchases, company business literature and program information, and make great company gift bags and biodegradable event grab bags. Use pre-printed Halloween themed bags with safety tips to associate your organization with safe fun during Trick-or-Treat events. For any occasion, customized plastic bags are light and handy, extremely visible, and budget friendly brand amplifiers. Order promotional plastic bags for your next event today!

If customized plastic bags aren’t a perfect match for your promotional needs, browse one of our other bag categories such as reusable grocery totes, imprinted conference tote bags, paper shopping bags or logo backpacks.

"These bags are wonderful to put our samples in. They are durable and very inexpensive!" John, GA