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Promotional Auto, Health & Home Items
Promotional Health Products, Automotive Promotional Items & Promotional Home Items

Promotional Health Products, Automotive Promotional Items, & Promotional Home Items

Crestline’s Auto, Home, and Health section showcases items that are not specifically for office or work use. Promotional health products include things like customized emergency first aid kits, custom flashlights, imprinted pedometers, lip balms, pill cases, hand sanitizer giveaways and dental care items. These all make ideal customized promotions for medical offices, but their universal appeal makes them great for virtually any business or organization.

Automotive promotional items are terrific promotions for many audiences. Insurance companies, auto repair shops, and businesses that have employees who frequently travel often find that custom auto accessories and custom printed keychains for the car are among their most popular giveaways!

Promotional home items cover a broad range of products that are used in the home, including leftover dishes, wine sets and corkscrews, kitchen utensils, potholders, and barbecue tools, to name a few. We find that customized items for the home are especially likely to be kept and used, which makes them even more valuable as a promotional too!

Do you have an event or a cause for which you need to raise awareness? Promotional awareness products are a first step toward fundraising or increasing knowledge about your cause. Foster support, and encourage action with awareness promotional items from Crestline! Our awareness collection features silicone bracelets, car magnets, lapel pins, ribbon items, writing instruments and more. Using promotional items as giveaways is an effective way to spread your message to lots of people. You might also consider using awareness products as fundraiser items.