Promotional Pens


Promotional pens are fun items to give away at meetings, trade shows, or as awareness promoters. When considering pens as a giveaway or business promotion, it is important to remember the following: audience, purpose, and design. If you can cater to the preferences of your audience with a memorable design while staying within your budget, your logo pens will be a big hit.

Promotional Pens

First, consider the functionality your audience may need. For example, meeting participants may prefer a pen with a clip to attach to their meeting badge, whereas your employees might need pens that can write in different colors for your corporate retreat. From executive holiday gifts to trade show giveaways, you want to make sure you provide a pen that aligns with the needs of the people who'll be receiving them. With Crestline, that's not a problem. We offer a large selection of custom logo pens in the colors, designs, and prices you're looking for. From a combination pen with three different color options, to a custom executive logo pen, you'll be sure to find what you need.

Other considerations include the purpose and design. Why will you be distributing promo pens? Is it to enhance your meeting theme or promote a cause like breast cancer awareness? Or maybe you're gearing up for your industry's next big trade show. Whatever the case, make sure your message is clear with a promotional pen that effectively conveys your message. You'll also want a design that people will remember. Would your company logo be more memorable than just your company name? Or maybe your logo would stand out more on a bigger pen with more space. At Crestline, you can choose from hundreds of promotional advertising ink pens to meet these needs. Plus, our graphics team will work with you from design to delivery in order to ensure you're getting the right pen, with the right design, at a price you're comfortable with.

Finally, consider if you would like to pair these promo pens with other items, such as, custom plastic bags, mugs, or even water bottles. These types of items can complement one another and provide an opportunity to send a unifying brand message.

Quality and Value Guaranteed

At Crestline, we guarantee all of our promotional merchandise for materials and workmanship. It's this guarantee that makes us confident that you'll love your custom imprinted corporate pens. We're proud to offer a variety of pens at different price levels and brands to serve our customers with the best options. Plus, we'll work with you to meet your budget with quality products and knowledgeable customer service. Start browsing our available promotional pens, or request our catalog today.