Imprinted Promo Products for School Spirit


Imprinted Promo Products for School Spirit

Go to any high school football game and you'll see how imprinted promotional products help instill school spirit. These items may take the form of promotional hats purchased by students at the school store, or foam fingers distributed by the football booster club right before the game. Many businesses also donate unique imprinted products, such as mini footballs and thundersticks that help students cheer for their high school sport's team. No matter where you look - at high school football games or elementary school fundraising events - imprinted promotional products are synonymous with school pride. And Crestline is your home for a large selection of custom promotional items.

Our wide selection of imprinted promotional products offers hundreds of thousands of fun items that help show school spirit. To get you started in the right direction, here is a short list of the popular events with the corresponding products typically customized to foster school spirit:

  • Pep Rallies - Get students on their feet during the next pep assembly by imprinting customized school spirit items that help them show school pride. Crestline offers noisemakers, face paints and megaphones that are sure to get students cheering.

  • Sports/Cheerleading Camps - Promote team pride. Ensure cheerleading squads and sports team have the appropriate imprinted products that promote their home team. From promotional gym duffle bags and hats to spirit noodles and megaphones, Crestline offers everything your high school team needs to foster school pride.

  • Sporting Events - Help parents cheer on star athletes in style and comfort. Crestline's promotional merchandise includes hats, t-shirts and much more.

  • Fundraising Events - Provide the community with ways to show their support. Imprint promotional products that are useful and fun, such as travel mugs.


In addition, many schools imprint promotional products that help the entire student body remember important school events. Sports schedule spirit cards and magnets are just two customizable products that offer a unique way for students to remember how they can show their school pride.

Discover other fun, imprinted promotional merchandise that inspire school pride when you shop Crestline. Our friendly customer service team can assist you in finding just the right item to proudly display your school's name and mascot.