Trade Show Promotional Items


There are three main reasons why custom promotional items from Crestline work well for trade shows and events. First, multiple opportunities exist to communicate your brand messaging using our products, however trade shows and similar events often provide a limited amount of space in which you can promote. Maximize your opportunity by using to find all the items you need to have a successful trade show. Imagine a professional looking banner that prominently displays your company name and logo. Directly below, a three-paneled table display sitting on top of an imprinted table throw. Next to the table, a literature rack holding your company information. This only covers the basics! We also offer full-length mural displays, event tents, and full-color floor banners to make your brand stand out among the crowd.


Another reason why promo products from Crestline are great for trade show events is because they are efficient. They are designed to be portable, easy-to-assemble, and made of durable materials. Some products even have a carrying case included that help protect your investment when transporting. Plus, when you work with our friendly and knowledgeable design team, you know that your brand messaging will look great. We often can imprint your logo in full-color and also offer a variety of colors for the actual base product. For these reasons, you will want to use your trade show promotional products for many purposes including sales presentations, meetings, and at other events. To learn more about our design process, please contact us today.

In addition to the efficiency of promotional products and how they make an impact, Crestline's promotional trade show items have value. Registration alone at a trade show can be expensive. That and other discretionary expenses add up quickly, so when you purchase your event accessories be sure to keep in mind your needs and budget. Crestline offers a variety of trade show accessories for all price ranges and style preferences to help you decide what works best for your needs. Our competitive prices and high quality products combined make a smart investment. To see all of our trade show items, including promotional giveaways, please request a catalog or browse our wide selection right now.