Customized Promotional Products and Your Next Event


Promotional Products For Your Next Event

Promotional events are the trigger points for generating awareness and individual identity with your brand, building enthusiasm for the success of your business from the inside out. A successful event will build teamwork in-house and keep your customers coming back for more. From the table-top to the tote-bag and all items in-between, well-chosen promotional products can transport your message into lasting memories for your customers, employees and business partners.

Tents, Tables and Signs

Just 7 working days + shipping between you and a 10' traveling mural!

Trade Shows: A well designed trade show booth delivers a blend of brand, information and entertainment that can be a challenge to present. In a sea of table-top displays, table covers, balloons and banners, and give-a-ways galore, you want your business to stand up and be recognized. Customized event easels, 8'ft sail banners and fast-track displays are reliable investments in brand promotion that create an oasis of style on the trade show sales floor without too much trouble. Keep your name in mind by choosing giveaways that match your display, have a standard daily use or are simple and tasteful enough to stick on any fridge or filing cabinet just because they're cool.

Corporate Events: Brand excitement starts in-house. Retreats, awards dinners and major meetings should shout your company name with pride. Customized event tents are a great tool for turning generic meeting rooms and outdoor areas into a classy land of your brand in a snap. Customized table covers, event banners and balloons jazz up the party by putting the focus on success for your company and giving attendees a sense of belonging to something special.

Lanyards, Nametags and Apparel

Promoting personal identity with your brand for event attendees can be as simple as providing an attractive customized lanyard with you company name along with a tasteful Id badge with theirs. Team work and lasting memories make tee-shirts, hats and outerwear event investments to consider. Meeting outside rain or shine? How about a customized event umbrella or rain jackets? It's never too soon to start planning customized apparel for you next event.

Custom Giveaways

Send your name home to hundreds of desk tops on pens, postit note pads or a cool starlighter! From trade show treats under 50 cents apiece to robo-action book lamps, fleece blankets, mini-multi tools and tumblers there are hundreds of small ways to delight booth visitors, add fun flare to the conference table and keep your name on hand all year long. Have an idea for something different? If it has an imprint area, it can be customized. The sky's the limit.


It's easy to say "thank you" and "job well-done" with a customized award. From ribbons to 12" spiral glass decorations to stuffed lions, tigers and bears, tangible recognition for excellence lands on an employee desk all year, reminding everyone that teamwork is valued and right effort appreciated.

Bags and Totes

Nothing says "I've been there" like a bag to bring it home in. Drawstring sports packs, eco-friendly grocery totes, and fashion friendly carry-alls of every description can become a centerpiece of focus at any event. Fill each sack with activity items and bring everyone's attention to "what's in the bag" to initiate transitions. Include a wrap around journal and pen and slip in a stress ball for fun. Your gift bag will carrying the memory of your business and your event along with it in the minds of your guests all year long.