Custom Pencil Pouches & Promotional Pencil Sharpeners

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Three-Ring Pencil Pouch
Item# 107709
As low as $0.60
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Color Me Cool Pencil Pouch
Item# 106994
As low as $1.28
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Vivid Zipper Pouch
Item# 106259
As low as $2.05
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Barrel Tech Case
Item# 110926
As low as $1.49
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On The Go School Kit
Item# 110536
As low as $1.56
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Sharpen It Carpenter Pencil Sharpener
Item# 110735 01A
As low as $1.39
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The Trinity Eraser – Sharpener Combo
Item# 106729
As low as $0.62
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Fully Loaded Pencil Pouch
Item# 108109
As low as $1.71
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Item# 112016
As low as $2.04
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Trailblazer Pencil Sharpener W/ Eraser
Item# 112017
As low as $0.72
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Custom Pencil Pouches & Promotional Pencil Sharpeners

Custom Pencil Pouches and Promotional Pencil Sharpeners

Regardless of the inroads made by computers and ‘paperless’ office methods, imprinted pencils and logo pens are still going strong! Whether it’s to write a quick note at home, mark a measurement for a carpentry project, or tally a column of numbers, there are times when a pencil is the natural choice.

Crestline offers a selection of accessories for pencils including custom pencil pouches and promotional pencil sharpeners. The Three Ring Pencil Pouch is an economical, practical holder for school supplies. The Trinity Eraser - Sharpener Combo is a handy eraser and a logo pencil sharpener in one customizable unit.

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