Promotional Outdoor Fun Items and Business Development


Fun Promotional Items For Business Development

Every major system in America is in the process of a major shift. … Leadership in this new era requires the ability to think in new ways. Jennifer James, Business Lecturer/Author, Thinking in the Future Tense

The global economy and the internet are generating rapid changes in the corporate culture toward more transparency, inclusive planning and quality of life concerns. Bringing everyone together at the right time, in the right state of mind to take action as a team can be a challenge. Change of direction, however, begins at the smallest shift of angle on the compass and sometimes the simplest single item on the conference table can be the key to success.

Light-heartedness Leads to Innovation

Trust is essential to building enduring connections with employees, suppliers, customers, and the communities in which we do business. And it drives the risk-taking that leads to innovation and progress. Building Trust in Business by Trusting, Dov Seidman, Businessweek Magazine, August 2009

Corporate Meetings: A customized fold-away camp chair, wraparound sunglasses, a beach ball and lip-balm to-go are probably not the first things that come to mind for gifts and inspiration when developing your next stake-holder meeting or executive retreat. But if you are asking your members to sit where you sit, plan for a bright future, think creatively and remember that their well-being is a part of your strategy for success all year long, these promotional items might add just the right touch of fun to start company conversations bouncing in new directions. Let your creative risk and investment in meeting design lead the way.

Customer Relationships: A give-away gift program for customers who spend regularly at your business could start a unique trend that keeps commerce local and opens doors to new ideas. Beach towels, personal care kits, fold-away fun flyers and even kites can be cost effective, up-beat items that send a message to your customers that you enjoy their business and are committed to their quality of life. Include a suggestion card with the gift that encourages input on what products and services they appreciate most or would like to see next at your business. A small investment in a simple gift could transform your customers into a powerful and willing marketing resource.

Creating Employee Trust and Loyalty with Fun and Frivolity

Your business needs a higher purpose, and you need to convey it through open communication. The key to building trust in both good and bad times is to realize that none of us is as smart as all of us. Make Sure Your Employees Trust You--Or Else, Blanchard and Waghorn,, March 2009

The greatest resource for success of any business is the workforce. Encourage employee input year round with simple appreciation gifts that reflect interests outside the office. If one morning, every desk is adorned with a flower pen, a picnic pack and a pair of colorful sunglasses and that afternoon managers, and company leadership walks around greeting everyone wearing the same set of shades, your employees might start to feel part of the plan. Let your workforce see you let your guard down in a light-hearted manner and get ready for some real ideas from within.