March Promotional Calendar of Events

One of the most popular holidays in March is St. Patrick's Day, but it is not the only one. Around the same time you are wearing green, you could be celebrating National Sleep Awareness Week or Return The Borrowed Books Week. These two awareness weeks have two very different messages but have one item in common: promotional merchandise. Crestline's custom promotional items are perfect for raising awareness because you can imprint your message and find a style that suits your cause. For example, we have a wide array of unique promotional products that are great for celebrating librarians. These library giveaways not only include bookmarks, but promotional writing utensils, totes, and unique reading accessories. Whether you celebrate traditional holidays or just promote the causes in between, Crestline has a solution for your unique promotional needs.

World Tuberculosis Day

Sometimes it is hard to promote a cause and an organization simultaneously. In other situations, it seems like you can't draw enough attention to a cause. By offering a variety of traditional promo products as well as unique items that are sure to catch everyone's eye, Crestline works hard to provide promotional products that meet your needs and still convey your message effectively. For example, World Tuberculosis Day also takes place in March. In this situation, it may be appropriate to customize promotional products in the shape of globes. This not only indicates that tuberculosis remains a worldwide concern, but we can include your organization's brand information. Crestline is here to help your group promote even in tricky situations. For promotional product ideas or ways to promote your group, please contact us.

March Logo Gifts

When you are raising awareness, it often makes sense to include the organization involved in the promotion. Perhaps you are celebrating National Women's History Month and would like to promote women's history by hosting an event for today's women. At the end of the event, you would like to give your attendees a logoed promotional gift. Crestline offers a wide selection of promotional merchandise ready for imprint. You have the option of a number of clever ways to incorporate your brand, including placing your logo on promotional coffee mugs, custom calculators, or on a brass pin. While these are only a few ideas, Crestline's friendly and knowledge customer service team has more. Contact us to learn more.

No matter which holiday or cause you choose to promote, custom promotional items from Crestline help your message be heard or your cause to be recognized. To see all of our promo items, please request a catalog.