Promotional Lanyards


Promotional Lanyards & Custom Lanyards

Promotional lanyards are a practical and convenient way to share your marketing message! Custom lanyards have can be used for a variety of purposes such as holding ID badges, keys and event tickets. Give promotional lanyards to students, new employees or event attendees and watch as they effortlessly earn powerful impressions for your brand.

Promotional Lanyards & Custom Imprinted Lanyards

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1/2" Polyester Lanyard w/ Split Ring
Item# 107540
As low as $0.66
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1/2" Cotton Lanyard
Item# 102387
As low as $1.10
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1/2" Polyester Lanyard
Item# 108158
As low as $0.83
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3/4" Polyester Lanyard
Item# 106057
As low as $1.30
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1" Cotton Lanyard
Item# 103551
As low as $1.36
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¾" Nylon Lanyard
Item# 103552
As low as $1.51
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Item# 110638
As low as $0.94
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Breakaway Lanyard
Item# 110614
As low as $0.89
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5/8" Knit-In Lanyard
Item# 104853
As low as $1.79
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3/8" Knit-In Lanyard
Item# 104852
As low as $1.50
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Nylon Power Cord Lanyard
Item# 105454
As low as $1.65
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1" Knit-In Lanyard
Item# 104854
As low as $2.00
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1/2" Tie-Dye Lanyard
Item# 105278 1AZ
As low as $1.43
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Dye Sublimated Lanyards
Item# 103083
As low as $1.72
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Results 1-16 of 136
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Promotional Lanyards & Custom Imprinted Lanyards

Promotional Lanyards and Custom Imprinted Lanyards

Create a memorable impression with promotional lanyards. Your brand will be recognized across the room when your group wears one of these great-looking imprinted lanyards. Promotional lanyards are ideal for trade shows and giveaways, because they are fun and highly visible. Let Crestline customize all of the promotional products you need for your next event.

Imprinted custom lanyards are made from a variety of materials like cotton, nylon web, polyester, denim, and custom woven lanyards. To add interest, and to match with your organization's color scheme, chose from different widths and a variety of colors. For unique promotional lanyards check out dye sublimation lanyards, rope lanyards, recycled, reflective, and stock imprinted lanyards designs featuring exclusive designs to Crestline, all imprinted with your logo. Make sure to check out favorites, including our ½” Cotton Lanyard and our ¾” Nylon Web Lanyard. Most feature a standard O-ring that can attach to badges, hold keys, and clip to other items. For optimal brand recognition, pair your customized lanyards with logo badges.

Custom lanyards and imprinted lanyards are also practical. Give your group a trade show necessity that is visible, fun, and practical.

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