A Complete Guide to Corporate Gift Giving

A Complete Guide to Corporate Gift Giving

The end of the year is frequently a time where businesses like to reflect on the past year and celebrate the successes through small tokens of appreciation for employees and clients. Corporate gift giving has for a long time been a respectable way to say thank you to everyone who participates in making a business successful. But choosing an appropriate gift for valued customers, service providers and hardworking employees is not as easy as shopping for a loved one. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing an appropriate corporate gift.

Things to consider Before Choosing a Gift

Timing is important when planning for corporate gift giving. For one, you want to make sure you start preparing well in advanced (like, right now), especially if you are choosing to give out your gifts around the end of the year. You do not need to give out corporate gifts around the holiday season, but for many companies, it is popular to do so. You also want to make sure that you have adequate time to give out your gifts in a meaningful manner. Hand delivering when possible always makes the best impact.

Consider your budget before you even begin to look at gift ideas. Decide how much you have to spend in total and then figure out how much to spend on each person; is everybody getting the same thing or will higher up employees and important clients be receiving something a little more expensive? Once you know your budget you will be in a better place to begin looking at gift ideas.

Make a list of everyone that you need to buy for well ahead of time and be sure that you are not leaving anyone out. Think beyond just the people that work directly for you. Is there a service provider that is always there being outstanding? If so, you may want to consider thanking them with a gift too. Creating your list of recipients ahead of time helps to make sure you do not leave anyone out. It also helps you solidify your budget.

Check company policies. If you are giving out gifts to clients, or you are a manager giving out gifts to your department, make sure you know what is acceptable. Check with company policies to see what the rules are for gift giving. There is nothing more upsetting than choosing a great gift for someone only to have them turn it down because it is against their company policy to accept. Every company is different and will have different rules and limitations, knowing these rules can save you money and help you avoid an awkward situation.

Be aware of people’s religious beliefs and do not give out a gift that is going to offend anyone. Just because you are giving out a gift during the holiday season does not mean it needs to be associated or should be associated with any specific holiday.

Finally, don’t pick a gift that could be taken the wrong way; be careful with things like alcoholic beverages, personal care items such as cologne or perfumes or “gag” gifts. These items may be okay in some situations, but if you are unsure, avoid them!

Once you have picked your budget, decided who you’re gifting too and verified company policies it’s time to start shopping! We’ve been studying this season’s trends and have come up with a few items that we believe will be a big hit this season for corporate gifts.

For the Home

Give your gift recipients something they can use often in the comfort of their homes. Branded home items are likely to be kept in high traffic areas such as the kitchen or other common spaces. Recipients will think of you every time they see or use your gift and will be reminded of your generosity.

Some of our favorites:

Fleece Blanket
Office & Work Accessories

Present employees with a gift that will spruce up their work space! On average, office and desk accessories are kept for approximately 14 months and give your brand a great deal of exposure. Employees will appreciate high quality office accessories and use them often.

We recommend:

Leather Padfolio
Stylus Pen
Leather Coaster

If your employees or clients travel often, consider a gift that will make travel more convenient. Whether they are traveling a short distance to the office or going away for business or pleasure, promotional travel items make each trip a little bit more convenient.

Try these top-selling travel gifts:

Travel Mug
Messenger Bag
Power Bank

Get your custom corporate gift ideas just in time for the holiday season by customizing today!