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Crestline Introduces Exclusive Lanyard Designs

Crestline Custom Imprinted Products, a direct marketing promotional products company partners with SnugZ USA to offer an exclusive line of custom imprinted lanyards.

LEWISTON, Maine, March 31, 2008 – Crestline Custom Imprinted Products, a direct marketing promotional products company that trades on its easy, customer-friendly ordering process, recently unveiled a new line of exclusivelanyard designs, to be produced by SnugZ USA, the industry's leading lanyard supplier.

custom lanyard designs"With all of the security concerns facing us these days, almost everyone is wearing lanyards now – at tradeshows and events, in schools, in hospitals and even in the corporate world," said Kim Beaudin, Crestline Product Manager.

"We wanted to put together a good assortment of stock background designs that would appeal to customers from across a broad spectrum of professions."

The proprietary designs were created by Crestline's in-house team of graphic artists, and reflect a range of industries, including education, healthcare and technology, as well as a special starburst design, perfect for celebrations and other events.

"We have more than just a customer relationship with Crestline; they're a true partner. So, it made perfect sense for us to work together to bring their designs to life," Charley Johnson, Sales and Marketing Vice President for SnugZ.

Crestline's exclusive artwork is printed onto SnugZ's trademark super-soft polyester lanyards through a special dye sublimation process that results in not only crisper lines and more vibrant color, but also a more durable, long-lasting imprint.

"Lanyards have really saturated the market, and we've been looking for ways to make lanyards exciting again, and to show people they're good for more than just tradeshows," said Johnson.

"These lanyards really spice things up. The customer pays one setup charge and gets as many colors as they want."

The specialty designs join Crestline's already substantial selection of dye sublimated lanyards from SnugZ, which offers customers a selection of 13 other stock background designs to accompany their logo or message, as well as the opportunity to submit a their own fully custom artwork.


About Crestline:

Crestline is a direct marketing company offering an extensive selection of reasonably priced, quality imprinted promotional products. Primarily serving the business-to-business sector, Crestline's highest objective is to provide superior customer service, making the ordering process as straightforward and hassle-free for clients as possible. By utilizing several marketing channels, including printed catalogs, an outbound call center and an easily navigable interactive Web site, Crestline has become a one-stop destination for custom imprinted products. For more information, visit

About SnugZ:

Since 1989, SnugZ USA has been one of the most recognized names in the promotional products industry, first known for its customizable line of eyewear retainers. The SnugZ product line-up has since grown to include not only its highly popular, and often imitated, lanyards, but also the Z Collection, a selection of personal care products, such as lip balm, sunscreen and hand sanitizer. In 2007, the Advertising Specialty Institute, a professional association of the promotional products industry, named SnugZ the best lanyard supplier, best health and beauty supplier and best family business. That same year, The Corporate Logo, an industry resource, named the company the year's Best Business. SnugZ employs more than 200 people at its Salt Lake City headquarters. For more information, visit