Eco Friendly Promotional Products


Choosing eco friendly products over traditionally made ones is one easy way to be a part of the green movement. Sometimes, becoming environmentally conscious can feel overwhelming, and often, taking small steps is the way to go. Crestline's eco friendly promotional products are a great example of a small step that can make a big impact.

All our ecologically friendly promotional products offer the same quality as our other promo items, but they are sustainable in different ways. For instance, some of our products, including promo pens and plastic bags, consist of biodegradable plastic, which helps them decompose once they hit the landfill. Recycled materials are an additional green alternative. These green products are made of items like paper and we have a number of great looking promo products derived from these materials. Other popular materials include cotton and bamboo. Both sources are renewable and durable making them a great choice for promotional apparel as well as desk accessories.

Eco Friendly Promotional Products

Reusable Promo Products

Another feature some of our eco friendly promotional products have is reusability. Reducing waste from the outset is one way to protect the environment and many of Crestline's promo products are reusable. Popular items include promo water bottles and reusable grocery totes. Both of these items have every day purposes, which they have the potential to make a long term impact on whoever receives them. One problem people face with sustainability is finding ways to incorporate green methods into everyday life. With items such as reusable shopping totes, these items translate into long-term usage. Plus, when you add your logo art, you are increasing brand exposure with every use. Why not give customized eco promos that people can appreciate now and in the future? To see all of our eco friendly products, please request a catalog.

Giving green promotional gifts to recipients indicates your organization cares about the environment. Combining a sustainable message with your brand information not only casts your organization in a responsible light, but it sends a powerful message. In addition to building a positive reputation, Crestline's promo items are also stylish. Our Earth-friendly promos come in a variety of colors and details. You can find items both in earth tones and bright colors as well as products available for your full-color logo imprint. This means your logo will really pop and get attention. From promo bags to fun outdoor and solar powered items, we carry a variety of great earth friendly promo giveaways. These are a great way to encourage participation in the green movement and sends an innovative message.

These promo items combined with our excellent customer service makes Crestline an easy choice. We guarantee your imprint will be exactly as you approved it, and your order will be free from material defect.