Promotional Lanyards


Custom Promo Lanyards

Lanyards are a comfortable and often colorful way to hold badges. When planning meetings, events or trade show appearances, it's important to consider promotional screen printed lanyards and how they can be implemented. First, choose a style that complements the other design elements within your event. Whether that means you pick a matching color or choose a wacky style, you need to keep in mind the meeting environment. Maybe one aspect of the meeting includes certification testing and the overall mood is usually intense. You could introduce an element of fun through playful types of custom promo lanyards. If you prefer to keep it simple, we offer lanyards to help with that too.

Another design consideration is what you would like to imprint on the cord or tag. Is this a one-time event or one that is held regularly? Perhaps you could imprint the name of the organization only and order enough for your upcoming event and the next one. Crestline guarantees the quality of every product, which means we ensure your satisfaction on each and every order. When placing your order, you can feel confident that you will receive products customized to your specifications. Plus, leaving out time-dependent information may encourage participants to continue using their promotional neckcord after the meeting is over. This could lead to increased impressions of your brand or message. Contact Crestline today and let us help you meet your event goals.

Lanyards for Everyday Use

Promotional products are a proven way to market your brand. Even if you are not planning an event, custom ID badge lanyards make sense. Giving these to employees to wear to other types of events can present your group as a team. It can also help identify your staff, especially when paired with custom corporate apparel. When purchasing lanyards for everyday purposes, you need to consider your brand message and ask the following questions:

  • What would you like these promotional lanyards to have on them?
  • Is the type of material important?
  • Which colors or styles best represent your brand?

Crestline offers these products in a variety of styles and colors to match your organization's colors or to send a different type of message. For example, maybe you are providing employee training and plan on calling it a "boot camp." We have promotional dog tags available for customization that would work great for this type of event. In addition to these metal options, we also carry eco-friendly lanyards made from recycled materials. Both of these examples send a unique message, but they are both offered at the same place: Crestline. Our variety of promotional merchandise will ensure your brand is seen.