Promotional Keychains


One primary advantage of Crestline's promotional keychains is that they combine practicality and style in one affordable promo item. When purchasing these products, there are a number of important things to consider these to help your brand stand out among the crowd.

Promotional keychains

  • Besides holding keys, do you prefer additional features in your key rings?
  • What type of promotional keychain design represents your brand?
  • Are there other promos you would like to pair with your custom keychains?


Key Ring Features

Crestline has a wide selection of promo bulk key rings with different features. Considering the details you would like will help you determine which ones work for your organization. Such additional distinctions include whistles, compasses, lights, and other clever designs. Choosing items with these details can enhance your brand image while also adding utility. For example, we carry promotional key rings with whistles attached. These can be a safety feature for many people or can be used to referee an impromptu game of basketball. Another handy tool includes key rings with lights. This is useful in many ways and associates utility with the brand you are promoting. Other popular items include those with fun charms and of course, different ways to attach your keys. These include standard types of rings, those with carabiners, and some with attachable straps to make it easy to carry around your wrist. Whether you decide to select a standard promo keychain or one with additional features, Crestline guarantees the quality of all our promotional products. To learn more about the many promotional keychains we have to offer, please contact us today.

Promo Keychain Design

In keeping with the idea of finding the right details for your custom branded key fobs, another important consideration is the type of design that casts your brand in a positive light. Perhaps you operate an automotive related business and would like to send a promotion out to customers with a fun giveaway. Choosing a promotional keychain that has enough room to include your business info may be important. For another type of business, one that sends a playful message is more important. For example, we have keychains in shape of hearts, stars, and animals. Choosing traditional styles over more exotic ones just depends on how you would like to represent your organization or cause. Equally imperative is deciding what design you need to include on these to help customers remember your brand. If you run a service, maybe including the phone number is important. For awareness keychains, maybe the logo is enough. We offer a variety of ways to customize your promotional keychains and know that you will be able to find the right style for your business.

Sometimes you want to send more than keychains to customers. Other great items include our selection of promotional pencils, pens, and plastic bags. If you have questions, please reach out to the customer service team at Crestline. Friendly and knowledgeable, we are here to help you with all your promotional product needs.