Environmentally-Friendly Promotions


Going Green? What You Need to Know About Environmentally-Friendly Promotions

Promotional products made from recycled materials

A growing number of consumers are becoming concerned about whether their purchases are harmful to the environment. Choosing custom giveaways that are go green ecologically-friendly products is a great way to show your customers and prospects that you care about the Earth.

There are many different types of "green" products to choose from. Some are made from renewable or recycled materials, some break down more easily in landfills, and some replace common disposable items, reducing waste. Here's a run-down of the most popular categories of eco-friendly products:


Items made from biodegradable materials decompose over time, helping to reduce the amount of waste in landfills. Biodegradable plastic, which can break down in as little as a few months, is now on the market, and becoming increasingly popular. Many promotional items, including plastic bags, and pens are now made from this revolutionary plastic.


Another popular category of green products are those made from natural or organic materials, such as bamboo or unbleached cotton. Environmentally conscious consumers often prefer such products because they are made from renewable resources, and without the use of potentially harmful chemicals or pesticides. Popular items made from natural materials include apparel, bags, notebooks, desk accessories, and personal care products.


Recycled products are produced, either entirely or in part, from materials that might have otherwise have been thrown away. Not only do products made from recycled materials consume fewer natural resources, they also reduce the waste-stream, so less land is needed for landfills. Paper and plastic are two of the most commonly recycled substances. Dozens of categories of promotional products include alternatives made from recycled materials.


Reusable products protect the environment by providing a longer-lasting alternative for traditionally disposable items. While reusable items may or may not be made from eco-friendly materials, they help to protect the environment by reducing the demand for disposable items that consume resources and clog up the waste-stream. As more states outlaw or tax plastic grocery bags, customized reusable grocery totes have become one of the most popular reusable promotional items. Printed reusable water bottles and personalized coffee travel mugs are another great way to combat waste.