Promotional Event Calendar

2017-2018 Promotional Events


August offers an abundance of opportunities to promote your cause, including National Immunization Awareness Month and Beach Month. Crestline's variety of custom promotional items can help you make the most of these events...
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Promoting wellness is an activity you can do all year round. Crestline's health and safety section offers an assortment of products to help remind prospects, current customers, and employees to stay healthy. Great examples include...
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October is the perfect month to be creative with your promotions because Crestline has a number of fun promotional items that correspond well to the events taking place during this month...
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For many schools, promotional merchandise supports year-round fundraising efforts. In addition to pencils and pens that showcase school spirit, Crestline offers fun, unique items that celebrate all the November education awareness events...
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No matter how your company chooses to celebrate this holiday season, Crestline offers affordable and unique promotional gifts that communicate the right message about your brand...
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Along with the traditional New Year's celebration, January is a month filled with events and holidays that support many different causes. Not only do these events give tribute to an issue or day that is significant to your organization or company, but they also provide an opportunity to send your message...
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While each day is important, there are several days that make February extra special. Why not incorporate imprinted promotional products from Crestline to commemorate these events? We have a variety of promotional products that will add relevance to your brand while also raising awareness...
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  • American Red Cross Month
  • National Women's History Month
  • National Ethics Awareness Month
  • National Nutrition Month
  • Employee Appreciation Day: Mar. 2
  • National Sleep Awareness Week: Mar. 2-9
  • International Women's Day: Mar. 8
  • St. Patrick's Day: Mar. 17
  • National Girl Scout Week: Mar. 18-24
  • National Poison Prevention Week: Mar. 18-24
  • World Tuberculosis Day: Mar. 24
  • National Doctors' Day: Mar. 30

One of the most popular holidays in March is St. Patrick's Day, but it is not the only one. Around the same time you are wearing green, you could be celebrating National Sleep Awareness Week or Return The Borrowed Books Week....
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April is a month full of interesting events that starts out right with April Fool's Day. Whether you choose to celebrate with custom stress balls in a wacky shape or choose another item from our popular fun and outdoors section, Crestline's variety of spirited imprinted promotional products will have you and your recipients laughing out loud...
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With summer fast approaching, May can be busy. Make promoting your brand a priority during this busy season by taking advantage of May events. Crestline has a variety of promotional products that will help your brand...
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As the first official month of summer in the United States, June is a great time to promote your brand in a fun way. The ideas are limitless. You could pair sun safety with your organization by placing your logo on Crestline's promotional sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, or beach totes...
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July is a peak time to celebrate the outdoors and spend time with neighbors, family, and friends. It is important to reconnect and recharge your batteries from time to time to help you be more productive and to promote overall wellness...
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