Promotional Calendar Ideas


Promotional Calendars: Standard Self-Stick Mini Calendar, Norman Rockwell Wall Calendar, and 2010 Monthly Pocket Planner

Promotional calendars from Crestline make great gifts for a number of reasons. Customized calendars and planners not only build brand recognition, they are also extremely useful to recipients. Perfect for verifying appointments and special events, promo calendars and planners also work well in a variety of settings. Whether you give calendars to your favorite office, use planners across an academic department, or sell mini custom wall calendars as a fundraiser, recipients will appreciate such a practical gift. You can be assured that you're giving the perfect gift: one that markets your organization in a positive way, fits your budget, and helps customers with their everyday tasks. Plus, all promotional products are backed by the Crestline Guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing that you'll pay the lowest possible price, and receive your imprint just as you approved it.

Benefits of Promotional Calendars

There are many advantages to using calendars in your next campaign. As an affordable and practical item, it makes sense to give these items year after year. Here are some of the benefits of using promo business calendars and pocket planners:

  • Brand Visibility: Imprint your logo on promotional calendars and planners, and every time a customer glances at the date, your organization's information will be displayed prominently. This helps to associate your brand with usefulness and practicality.
  • Variety of Selection: Available in many different formats and styles, you choose whether wall calendars, pocket planners, or promotional desk calendars are in line with your organization's brand. The customization process is stress-free when you work with a trusted company like Crestline.
  • Practicality: When you purchase promotional calendars or planners for an internal purpose, they can help your staff coordinate schedules, keep track of assignments, and promote organization. When you give this type of item away externally, it also provides an easy way for customers to remember you and potentially make contact, especially when you include a phone number or website address in your imprint.

Promotional Calendar Uses

In addition to the benefits of using custom printed desk calendars and planners in your next round of marketing efforts, calendars can be used in different settings underlining their practicality. Here are some ideas on how to integrate promotional calendars in your next campaign:

  • Corporate Settings: Using promotional wall calendars throughout an office or department can help create a uniform look. Promo calendars not only look great, but they can help remind employees to stay organized and manage their time.
  • Educational Environments: Promotional planners help students to organize homework assignments, and pocket planners are easy for anyone to take on the go. Whether you use calendars in the principal's office or give teachers desk calendars, these items can promote school spirit.
  • Customer Giveaways: Create a positive association with your brand by giving customers useful promotional calendars. These affordable and practical promos are items your recipients will appreciate all year long.
  • Fundraising: People use calendars frequently, so why not take advantage and sell them in your organization's next fundraiser? The popularity of these items will make you want to sell them year after year.

Promotional calendars show tremendous promise for many types of organizations. Still have questions? Contact Crestline today!