Proper Inflation of Balloons

Latex Balloons



When inflating latex balloons with air or helium note the recommended teardrop shape shown in the drawing. Even though Qualatex® and AdRite™ balloons stretch well beyond their properly inflated sizes, be careful not to overinflate, causing them to have a pear-like shape. If the balloons are underinflated, they have a round shape. For maximum flying times when using helium, inflate latex balloons to the proper size.


All latex balloons can be sealed by knotting or tying the balloon necks. For easy sealing and fast distribution of helium-inflated latex balloons, there are a variety of balloon accessories available. Call one of our Promotional Product Consultants at 1-866-488-4975 for more information on Balloon Seals with Ribbon and ProLite® Balloon Valves with attached ribbon.

Latex Balloon Inflation


Microfoil Balloons



Microfoil balloons are inflated through self-sealing valves, located in the balloon necks. When balloons are fully inflated, remove the helium inflation nozzle and the balloons seal automatically.

Properly inflated Microfoil balloons are tight (even drumlike) with uniformly spaced creases along the seams. Tie ribbons to the lower portion of the balloon necks-below the valves. When the balloons begin to soften, you can add helium to refresh them without removing the ribbons.

Microfoil Balloon Inflation

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