Did you know that we have a graphics team to help with proofs and production-ready art? Not only are they super talented— they are helpful, too! This page contains art tips to help make the ordering process easier for you.

Trademark & Copyright
Art Tip - Colors
What is Bleed?
Art Tip - What is Bleed?
All About
4 Color Process
Art Tip - All About 4 Color Process
All About
Laser Engraving
Art Tip - All About Laser Engraving
What is Deboss
& Emboss?
Art Tip - What is Deboss & Emboss?
All About Embroidery
Art Tip - All About Embroidery
Screen Printing
Art Tip - Screen Printing
Font Style Tips
Art Tip - Font Styles
Information About Reversed Artwork
Art Tip - Reverse Artwork
Handling Large Files
Art Tip - Handling Large Files
What are Pixels & Dots?
Art Tip - What are pixels & dots?
Resizing Images and Resolution
Art Tip - Resizing Images and Resolution
What Image Resolution Means
Art Tip - What Image Resolution Means
What are RGB/CMYK/PMS Colors?
Art Tip - What are RGB/CMYK/PMS Colors?
What is Vector Art?
Art Tip - What is Vector Art & Rastor Image?
Preffered File Types
Art Tip - Preffered File Types
How To View Updated Proofs
Art Tip - View Updated Proof